7 Golden Globe-Nominated Movies About Other Movies

When creating these films — including 2018 Golden Globe nominee The Disaster Artist — directors, writers and producers didn't have to stray too far from Hollywood to find their source material

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2003's The Room never had a wide release until now and is widely considered to be one of the worst movies of all time. But that didn't stop it from becoming a cult classic, and its director and star Tommy Wiseau, an infamous figure. James Franco takes on the production of the notoriously bad film in the comedy The Disaster Artist, in which he plays Wiseau before, during and after the filming of The Room. Franco's real-life brother Dave plays Greg Sestero, Wiseau's costar and producer, who eventually penned the source material for Franco's movie: a book, also titled The Disaster Artist.

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MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, from left: Michelle Williams (as Marilyn Monroe), Dougray Scott (as Arthur Mil

Told through the eyes of British filmmaker Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) on his first movie job as an assistant on the set of The Prince and the Showgirl, My Week With Marilyn follows the movie's filming and Clark's short-lived romance with its star, Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams). Legendary actors Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh) and Vivien Leigh (Julia Ormond) are also characters in this tale of Old Hollywood.

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SAVING MR. BANKS, from left: Tom Hanks, as Walt Disney, Emma Thompson, 2013. ©Walt Disney Studios Mo

Tom Hanks plays the iconic Walt Disney in the 2013 film Saving Mr. Banks, about the creation of the Disney classic Mary Poppins. Emma Thompson plays Mary Poppins author Pamela "P.L." Travers, who fiercely defends her characters throughout Disney's battle to win the film rights of her book.

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THE AVIATOR, Leonardo DiCaprio, 2004, (c) Miramax/courtesy Everett Collection

The Leonardo DiCaprio-fronted Howard Hughes biopic shows not only Hughes' career as the head of Trans World Airlines (and his descent into a deep struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder), but also his work on the 1930's Oscar-nominated film Hell's Angels. His work in the film industry introduced Hughes to major stars like Katharine Hepburn and Ava Gardner — both of whom he had romantic relationships with. (Cate Blanchett even won an Oscar for playing Hepburn in The Aviator.)

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HITCHCOCK, Anthony Hopkins, as Alfred Hitchcock, 2012. ph: Suzanne Tenner/TM and ©Fox Searchlight Pi

The later years of Alfred Hitchcock's career — in particular, during the time he shot Psycho — is chronicled in the fittingly-titled Hitchcock. However, the filming of Psycho (and all the drama that surrounded its production) is merely a backdrop for the movie's real story: Hitchcock's (Anthony Hopkins) relationship with his wife, Alma Reville, played by Helen Mirren.

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NINE, Kate Hudson (center of frame), 2009. Ph: David James/©Weinstein Company/Courtesy Everett Colle

Daniel Day-Lewis is the lead in Nine, which also stars Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson and Judi Dench. The film is an adaptation of a Broadway musical about an Italian filmmaker struggling to write his latest film — which is based on real-life Italian director Federico Fellini's own experiences, documented in the classic movie .

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THE ARTIST, Jean Dujardin, ph: Peter Iovino 2011, ©Weinstein Company/Courtesy Everett Collection

This modern-day silent movie isn't about any one film in particular, but rather the movie industry itself. Following the shift from silent films to "talkies," it stars French actor Jean Dujardin as George Valentin, a silent film star who is struggling to adapt to the changing business. Bérénice Bejo plays Peppy Miller, an actress who gets her start in a silent film thanks to Valentin before going on to become ultra-successful in the world of talking movies.

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