'Gloria Bell' 's Soundtrack Is an Amazing Throwback to the Hits of the '70s and '80s

Love ballads, '80s hits, and some disco jams make up the bulk of Gloria Bell's fun soundtrack

When Gloria Bell director Sebastian Lelio was putting together the soundtrack for the film, which is about a lonely divorcée who finds joy on the dance floor at L.A.-area nightclubs, he says he worked extremely closely with the film’s star Julianne Moore to choose the perfect songs.

“I’m not American, and I needed to double check that what I was choosing was culturally correct,” Lelio, who is from Chile, says. “The approach to it wasn’t cynical. This film is a hidden musical. I love all of these songs for some reason.” He adds, “They’re great songs, and are part of the cultural landscape.”

The soundtrack to Gloria Bell, which hits theaters today, features ’80s favorites like Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and yes, of course, Laura Branigan’s “Gloria.”

But fans of ’70s love ballads will also appreciate throwbacks like Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again, Naturally,” and Air Supply’s “All Out of Love.” And what would a boogie soundtrack be without a little Earth Wind & Fire? (Both “September” and “Boogie Wonderland” feature on the soundtrack.)

gloria belljulianne moore, john turturro
Jamie Trueblood/A24

“Sometimes I would suggest a song to Julianne and she would go, ‘Oh it’s great, but no one knows that one here.’ It would be this worldwide hit that never made it to the States,” Lelio says. He adds that he and Moore also had lengthy discussions on what type of songs Gloria Bell would sing out loud in her car long before they even started filming.

“It was early days, but we were fantasizing about the music and sensing how much fun we were going to have [shooting this],” Lelio says, of having discussions with Moore two years prior to production.

As far as what music Moore, 59, herself prefers to jam out to in her car? Like Gloria Bell, she’s a disco girl at heart.

“‘Brick House’ is my jam,” Moore tells PEOPLE.

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