Gina Rodriguez is trying to get over love and heartbreak in her new film Someone Great

By Alexia Fernández
March 06, 2019 03:59 PM

Gina Rodriguez is healing her heart with the help of her friends.

In a new trailer for her upcoming Netflix film Someone Great, Rodriguez plays Jenny, a young woman who falls hard for Nate after meeting in New York City at a party. Fast-forward to months later when she’s offered a job in San Francisco and Jenny finds herself dumped.

With the help of her friends, played by Brittany Snow and DeWanda Wise, Jenny spends her last week in New York City reconnecting with herself and trying to get over her ex.

“I leave in a week, and then I turn 30 and then I die probably,” Jenny says. “I need one last epic day with my girls.”

Rodriguez told Elle magazine Someone Great is “a really cute f—— movie and we’re so proud of it.”

“We worked so hard on it,” she said. “It has a female director, female leads, female VP — pretty badass. I’m pumped.”

Rodriguez also shared some advice one of her sisters gave her about living life to the fullest while in your 20s.

“Don’t get married in your twenties. Date everyone, date every gender, just date like crazy and enjoy yourself,” Rodriguez shared. “It was definitely something that I paid attention to. Part of me is really happy I did that, but also happy that wild phase is done.”

Credit: Netflix

She added, “Because I did… crazy things.”

Rodriguez elaborated, “I experimented, and there were some times I probably could’ve gotten myself killed. Well, not sexually! You know, I just…I’m a wild one. I try things that scare me at least once. I mean, I started racing cars in my teens, I did graffiti, I was a loco.”

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“Now, in my thirties, I’m not doing that as much anymore,” she continued. “When I was in my twenties, I’d be like, Oh, bring it on, fuckin’ fear, yes! Now I’m like, I’m good, done that, or don’t want to do that. As I get older, the more important my life becomes to me, right? I could definitely have gotten myself hurt pretty severely.”

The actress is now engaged to Joe LoCicero, facing the end of Jane the Virgin and welcoming in a new spinoff, as well as roles in movies like Miss Bala.

Someone Great is available on Netflix on April 19.