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July 08, 2015 10:25 AM

The Ghostbusters reboot is revving things up.

Director Paul Feig took to Twitter to unveil the Ghostbusters vehicle for the highly anticipated reboot of the ’80s classic, and it’s complete with a slew of ghost-detecting ornaments on the hood.

On Tuesday, the director shared photos of the back and front of the new whip – branded with the original logo and the Ecto-1 license plate, and topped with a siren, megaphone, antennae – and received lots of fan feedback, some good, some bad.

Some fanatics argued on social media that the reimagined automobile looks too different from the retro one driven in the Bill Murray-starrer. But Feig and team snagged some support from franchise devotees, who Tweeted that the designers “have done their homework” by loosely mimicking Dan Aykroyd‘s original concepts.

One confident believer Tweeted, “@paulfeig This is the Ghostbusteriest of all possible Ecto 1 car model choices. Superb!”

Another fan posted, “@paulfeig I was SO not on board with this reboot, but your interaction with the fanbase and photos have changed my mind. Well done, sir!”

Feig also responded to a follower’s inquiry about whether he was disregarding criticism, to which he replied, “I hear you all and appreciate all your input, good or bad. Thanks.”

And the teases just keep coming. Earlier this week, actor Andy Garcia was photographed in costume, following stars Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon, who were spotted in recent weeks out in Boston looking ready for some paranormal action on set. (And if you missed the new proton pack gun, check it out!)

Andy Garcia
Nicolaus Czarnecki/Zuma

The reboot, which hits theaters in 2016, also stars Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones. Oh, and Chris Hemsworth plays the secretary.

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