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Jodi Guglielmi
April 26, 2016 04:20 PM

Who you gonna call? Well, nobody if Kevin doesn’t learn how to answer the phone.

Just ahead of Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday, the highly anticipated Ghostbusters film released new footage to give fans a closer looks at its very own secretary, played by Chris Hemsworth.

In the clip, Hemsworth, 32, shows off his comedy chops as the hunky – but clueless – receptionist named Kevin at the Ghostbusters headquarters as he works alongside his fellow costars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

“Kevin is a big dumb puppy dog,” says Hemsworth of his character. “He has no idea what they do. Kevin thinks he’s going to become a Ghostbuster. He takes ahold of the equipment, gets a bike, builds his own uniform and says, ‘Look, I’m one of the gang now.’ ”

Chris Hemsworth filming Ghostbusters

From not answering the phone to messing up coffee orders and designing inappropriate logos, the video shows Kevin being genuinely awful at his job – all while his costars struggle to keep a straight face.

“He’s so funny and such a funny improviser,” says Wiig.

“When I watch the movie I go, ‘I just want more Kevin,’ ” adds Jones. “Seriously, there’s no way that you’re this sweet, this funny, this fine – it’s just not fair!”

Catch Hemsworth and the rest of the gang in Ghostbusters, in theaters July 15.

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