The director of the first two films is organizing the long-awaited third installment

By Matthew Cole Weiss and Tim Nudd
Updated April 08, 2014 01:05 PM
Credit: Columbia/Everett

Who you gonna call?

When it comes to the making of the long-awaited Ghostbusters 3, you can start with Ivan Reitman, the director of the first two movies – who confirmed Monday that, yes, the third film is officially in the works.

“A lot of directors are throwing their hats in. We’re starting the meetings. We’re going to do it,” Reitman, 67, told PEOPLE at a Bud Light-sponsored party for the premiere of his latest film, Draft Day, in Los Angeles.

Ernie Hudson, who played Winston Zeddemore in the first two films, was also on hand and confirmed the project.

“It’s about to happen,” said Hudson, 68. “Unfortunately Harold [Ramis] is not with us anymore. But it’s going to happen. It’s going to be really, really good, which is why it’s taken so long.”

As for casting details, Reitman said things are still evolving.

“There will be many people from the original cast,” he said. “You’re really asking about Bill Murray, and I have no idea. All the other movies I made with Bill, he never told me he was doing it until well, the longest was two weeks. Meatballs, he told me he was doing it the day before.”

Hudson said it never would have happened without the support from fans, who have pushed for the project for years. (The original film was made in 1984, and the first sequel in 1989.)

“The fans have been amazing,” Hudson said. “Without any studio support, they make their outfits and cars and Ectomobiles. I was in Brussels, and about 50 guys showed up with their Ghostbuster outfits on. In every state in the country, there are Ghostbuster chapters. It’s cool. It’s nice to be a part of.”

Hudson is still mourning Ramis, who died in February at age 69. Ramis co-wrote the first two Ghostbusters movies with Dan Aykroyd, and played Egon Spengler.

“Harold brought a groundedness to everything he did,” said Hudson. “He was a smart guy, and I think that will be missing. There’s something about Harold that nobody can replace. [Ghostbusters 3] will be good, but it won’t be what it could have been.”

Remembering Harold Ramis