Gerard Butler opens up about how serious his motorcycle accident was, saying he "somersaulted" 33 feet in the air

By Alexia Fernández
October 20, 2017 07:57 PM
Credit: CBS

Gerard Butler came close to losing his life after he was hit by a car while he was on his motorcycle in Los Angeles.

The Geostorm actor, 47, revealed new details about his ordeal while on The Talk on Friday, saying “I’m lucky to be here.”

“I went 33 feet through the air,” he said. “I did a somersault.”

Butler said he remembers a bystander looking on at the scene and simply saying, “‘Wow, you really are an action movie star.'”

The actor suffered “five fractures in my right foot alone, because I landed right on my knees, so I’ve done my knees in and my left foot. And this had been the busiest period of my career.”

He continued, “I was in bed for four days. I couldn’t get out of bed.”

The actor recently walked the red carpet in Hollywood for his latest film, just a week after being taken to the hospital after his accident.

He looked strong and in high spirits while wearing a dark green tinted suit, light gray shirt and slim green tie.

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The Scottish actor also revealed this week that he had been injected with 10 shots of bee venom as an unusual pain remedy he had heard about.

It didn’t go so well for him — he was hospitalized quickly after having a bad reaction that left him in what he called “anaphylactic shock.”

“It’s awful, creepy crawlies all over me, swelled up, hearts going to explode,” he recalled during a segment on the U.K. talk show Lorraine.

Despite his reaction, he thought the would give the injections another go.

“Four days later, I decide to do it again because, I think, ‘Maybe I just took too much,’” he said. His second try ended with him taking a second visit to the hospital.