George Lucas' $1 Billion Museum Is Coming to Los Angeles

Star Wars creator George Lucas' planned art museum is officially coming to L.A.

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The Force is strong with Los Angeles.

Star Wars creator George Lucas’ planned art museum is officially coming to L.A., with the board of directors at the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art announcing Tuesday that the ambitious project will be constructed in the city’s Exposition Park neighborhood.

The news means that L.A. has beaten out the runner-up city, San Francisco, to house the museum. A previous plan to build the museum in Chicago was scrapped over the summer after months of contentious debate.

The $1 billion project will showcase fine and popular art from Lucas’ personal collection, which will celebrate visual storytelling in a multimedia experience, including narrative painting, illustration, photography, film, animation, and digital art.

Courtesy Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

The board said the project will represent “one of the most imaginative and inclusive art museums in the world — a global destination that all Angelenos and Californians will be proud to call their own,” in its announcement on Tuesday.

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L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the project live on Facebook, and tweeted his support for the museum, saying, “Welcome to LA,@lucasmuseum! We’re thrilled to have this amazing museum join @ExpositionPark, bringing thousands of new jobs with it.”

The museum site will feature approximately 100,000 square feet of gallery space and 6-7 acres of green space, according to a concept design by MAD Architects.

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