Jodie Foster directs George Clooney in Money Monster in theaters now
Credit: Yoram Kahana/Shooting Star/Sipa

George Clooney and Jodie Foster were at very different places in their lives as teenagers.

The Money Monster director was earning her first Oscar nomination at the age of 13 for Taxi Driver – and Clooney, around 15 at the time, wasn’t even allowed to watch the R-rated movie.

“I wasn’t allowed to see that one. She was allowed to be in it, but I wasn’t allowed to watch it,” Clooney says during a sit-down interview with PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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In fairness to Clooney, the explicit violence in Taxi Driver was considered controversial when it was released in 1976. Director Martin Scorsese has since revealed the MPAA originally gave the film an X rating, before scenes were altered to appear less gory.

And while Foster, 12 at the time of filming, played a young prostitute, filmmakers went through great lengths to protect the actress from the explicit dialogue and action. After she was cast, and her mother signed off, producers had to get approval from the Los Angeles welfare board before she could start work. According to producer Michael Phillips, former California governor Pat Brown was hired to help get permission from the board.

“Part of the deal was that any scenes that felt uncomfortable sexually, they would have an adult be a stand-in,” Foster told The Hollywood Reporter. So my sister Connie, who was over 18, stood in for a couple of over-the-shoulder shots.”

Clooney stars in the Foster directed Money Monster, in theaters now.