George Clooney Takes Wife Amal Back Home to Kentucky

The pair went back to the Oscar winner's home town for a family reunion

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The newlyweds flew in to attend a private family reunion in Clooney’s hometown, according to WCPO.

Clooney, 54, and his family had dinner Caprioni’s on the River in Maysville (where they sang “Happy Birthday” to a woman at the next table), and the actor also found time to shoot hoops at Augusta High School on Wednesday. “It was fun, he’s still got it,” said one of the students who played the pickup game. Amal stopped by to watch and “it looked like she knew the game too.”

The couple posed for photos and signed autographs at a private party at the Augusta Pub and on Tuesday stopped at Magee’s Bakery. Clooney ordered a dozen transparent tarts made with “all the good things in life – eggs, butter, sugar, milk,” said one of the staff members. And the friendly star even asked if the couple who run the bakery wanted to take a picture with him (above).

Clooney also checked out some craft beers, visiting Urban Artifact Brewing in Cincinnati and watched the Blue Wisp Big Band perform.

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