George Clooney seems to be making a full recovery following the serious motor-scooter accident he was involved with on the Italian island of Sardinia earlier this month.

The 57-year-old actor looked happy and healthy on Friday as he walked around the set of his Hulu limited series Catch-22, which was filming at the time in Sutri, Italy — a tiny village outside of Rome known for its ancient city walls and Roman amphitheater.

As he strolled around set and shook hands with extras, Clooney was all smiles, wearing a casual polo shirt with a pair of jeans and lace-up shoes. During his time at work, the actor seemed to be walking well.

A source tells PEOPLE that filming is “on schedule despite George’s accident,” and that the change of location indicates they’ve wrapped up the Sardinia portion of the shoot.

George Clooney
Ernesto Ruscio/GC Images

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On July 10, the actor was rushed to the hospital after his scooter slammed head-on into a car that appeared to turn into his lane. In a video of the accident, which was captured by a security camera, the Oscar winner was launched into the air following the crash, landing in a dazed heap on the road.

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Although he was later released from the local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, that didn’t stop his wife Amal Clooney from staying by his side for several days after the accident.

Amal wouldn’t leave his side,” a source recently told PEOPLE. “It was obvious that she was concerned.”

George and Amal Clooney
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Another close source previously told PEOPLE that both his and Amal’s families “were very worried and on the telephone reassuring one another, saying how lucky George was.”

“He could have been killed,” the source added.

Fortunately, the actor, who had been en route to the Sardinia set, was wearing a helmet (which reportedly cracked on impact) at the time of the accident.

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