February 08, 2018 03:24 PM

George Clooney‘s life changed long before he became a father.

In a new clip from the actor’s upcoming appearance on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman, the actor explains how the purpose of his life shifted after meeting his now-wife, Amal.

When Letterman shares with Clooney how becoming a father made him shift focus from himself to his child, Clooney agreed and said, “Before I had the twins, I felt that about [Amal].”

“I met someone who I would absolutely trade my life for,” he said. “I met someone, who, her life meant more to me than my life. I had never had that experience before.”

In a previous clip from the intimate discussion, Clooney revealed the unusual ways he attempted to win Amal over in the early stages of the relationship.

Clooney, 56, said he used to write her letters to Amal as his dog, Einstein. “I would write letters from Einstein to her saying, ‘I’m being held hostage and I need a lawyer to get me out of the room,’” he told Letterman.

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The new parents recently celebrated Amal’s 40th birthday with a quick trip to Big Sur. The two were seen flying out of L.A. on Saturday, the day of her birthday, and returning around the same time the next day.

It marked Amal’s first birthday since welcoming twins Ella and Alexander last June. The 8-month-old twins arrived just a few months shy of the couple’s third wedding anniversary in September.

Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman with George Clooney streams Friday, Feb 9 on Netflix.

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