The actor isn't looking forward to turning 60 on May 6, but says he's still "happy and blessed"
George Clooney
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George Clooney isn't exactly looking forward to his upcoming milestone birthday.

Clooney will be turning 60 on May 6. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, he shared that he doesn't view his birthday as the most exciting thing.

"As far as turning 60, listen, I'm not thrilled with it but it's better than dead," he joked. "So, I'll take it. I got two options. The older you get, the lower your bar gets."

Despite aging, Clooney said he is otherwise enjoying life. He said he feels "happy and blessed" in his marriage to Amal Clooney, who he wed back in 2014, and the family they share.

George Clooney Jokes That He’s ‘Not Thrilled’ About Turning 60: ‘Better Than Dead’
Credit: Entertainment Tonight

Along with his birthday next week, he's also celebrating another milestone — the Motion Picture & Television Fund's 100th anniversary. Clooney joined Yvette Nicole Brown, Jodie Foster, Tony Goldwyn and more for the organization's charity event.

Clooney serves on the MPTF's Board of Directors, which offers assistance to industry members and their families with limited or no resources. The 59-year-old joked to ET that his wife "roped" him into getting involved with the organization, but he has no regrets because of the lesson it teaches the couple's children.

"Well, you try [to instill charitable values]. They're not quite four yet so they don't [understand]," Clooney told ET's Nischelle Turner in the clip. "My kids will always say, they'll pick up a toy and they'll go, 'This is for the poor people.' And I go, 'Good. OK, so let's put it in the basket and we'll take it to the poor people.' And then there's this shock on their face when reality hits."

"My parents always taught me that the best things you could do [is] challenge people in power and look out for people who aren't in power and those kinds of things," he continued.

But giving back isn't the only lesson he's teaching his kids. In December, he told PEOPLE raising his children has changed his life.

"You learn so much with twins because you're raising them both at the same time, born the same day, but you realize how little it has to do with you," Clooney said. "They were the person they were going to be when they were born. Now all your hope is to just kind of guide them along in the right direction."