Mank is director David Fincher's first movie since 2014's Gone Girl
amanda seyfried
Amanda Seyfried in Mank
| Credit: Netflix/ twitter

Amanda Seyfriend and Gary Oldman are revisiting 1930s Hollywood in a gorgeous black and white trailer for David Fincher’s upcoming film Mank.

The two stars feature in the trailer, which debuted on Thursday in a tweet shared by Netflix.

The biopic tells the story of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and his turbulent relationship with director Orson Welles as they co-wrote the script for Citizen Kane.

Oldman plays Mankiewicz, known as Mank by those who knew him, alongside Tom Burke as Orson Welles, and Seyfriend as Marion Davies, a Broadway actress who was a mistress to the newspaper giant William Randolph Heart.

It was Hearst’s life that provided the basis and inspiration for Citizen Kane.

“Nobody, but nobody makes a monkey out of William Randolph Heart,” Marion can be heard saying in the trailer.

Another person says, “You pick a fight with Willie, you are finished.”

In 1941, as controversy surrounded Citizen Kane in regards to who wrote what, Mankiewicz battled Welles for joint screenplay credit.

Both Mankiewicz and Welles would go on to win the Academy Award for Best Writing (Original Screenplay).

Gary Oldman
Gary Oldman in Mank
| Credit: Netflix/ twitter

Citizen Kane looks at the life and legacy of Charles Foster Kane, played by Welles who also directed the film. The character of Kane was based in part on Heart, as well as other tycoons of the era such as Joseph Pulitzer, Samuel Insull and Harold McCormick.

Fincher’s upcoming film is based on the script his late father, Jack, wrote before his death in 2003.

Lily Collins, Tuppence Middleton, Arliss Howard and Charles Dance also star in Mank. This is Fincher’s first film since 2014’s Gone Girl earned over $350 million at the global box office.

Mank is in select theaters in November and streams on Netflix starting Dec. 4.