"There is plenty of room for many more women to come and I am very happy to be a part of it," Gadot said.
Credit: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Gal Gadot is doing her best to be a Wonder-ful role model for superhero-loving boys and girls.

The star stressed the importance of being a strong female example for all ages including her daughter Alma.

“I have a 4-year-old daughter and she adores princesses at the same time she will tell me the princess is so weak, she falls asleep and the prince will come and kiss her and save her and he is the hero,” Gadot shared at the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice press conference in Los Angeles on Friday.

Adding, “So I am so happy to be the one who is going to tell the Wonder Woman story. It is such an important story to tell. It is so important for girls and boys to have a female, strong, super hero to look up to. The more the merrier and there is plenty of room for many more women to come and I am very happy to be a part of it.”

The Israeli actress, who grew up in a small town, never imagined she would get the chance to portray such an empowering role as Diana Prince a.k.a. the Princess of the Amazons.

“It’s a huge honor for me to be the one to get this amazing opportunity to tell such an important story. I feel very grateful,” Gadot said. “I never planned on being an actress or Wonder Woman but everything just happened and I am grateful and happy and in love with what I do. I am enjoying everything but it will take me sometime until I really understand what is going on.”

As for the casting controversy surrounding the DC Comics film, Gadot chooses to ignore the haters.

“For me being an actress, my responsibility is not to pay attention to all the noise around me and to pay attention to the script and the director and protect the character and try to tell her story the best I can,” she explained.

Also on Friday, Gadot shared a new photo of herself as her on-screen alter ego on Twitter writing, “It’s almost here!! One more week!! Can t wait to finally share this with you all!!”

Reporting by MIA McNIECE