The clip has Eisenberg asking the typical questions he gets asked in interviews and vice versa

By Drew Mackie
August 05, 2015 07:55 PM
And now, for your viewing pleasure, an awkward celebrity interview.

This Funny or Die clip has Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg asking each other the questions they’d typically be asked in an interview promoting a new movie. The joke is that Eisenberg is asking Stewart the sort of questions he’d normally be asked, and Stewart is subsequently asking Eisenberg the questions she and most other actresses get.

Consequently, Eisenberg, 31, has to pose marginally inappropriate questions such as “How did you bulk up for this role?” and “What are your favorite sports teams?” (Stewart says she’s a Lakers fan, by the way.)

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Stewart, 25, meanwhile, asks Eisenberg considerably more inappropriate questions such as “Are you seeing anyone?” and “Are you pregnant?” and “What about your boobs? Do they ever slip out accidentally? And is that ever funny or awkward? Or do you do that on purpose to get attention?”

Yes, they’re making a point: The questions male actors get asked are substantially different – and less probing – than the ones female actors get asked.

“I do get these questions a lot,” Stewart admits, when the American Ultra stars come to the realization that someone has switched the cards.

“You do?” Eisenberg asks, a little surprised.

“I do,” Stewart says in a way that’s clearly coming from a real place.

Again, it’s all a joke, but following on the heels of Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan’s awkward Fantastic Four interview and the Cara Delevingne interview in which she was told she looked “exhausted,” it’s a joke with a point: Yes, actors have noticed that they sometimes get asked inane or insulting questions.