Frozen 2 is now in theaters

Frozen 2 brings a lot of additional music to the hit Disney franchise, but there’s also a slate of new characters joining Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf on their journey!

The sequel also transports the Frozen crew into new places and on an adventure far, far away from Arendelle and through a mysterious Enchanted Forest. While we can’t give too much away, here’s what we know about the new characters so far.

Frozen 2 Special Edition cover

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Queen Iduna

Frozen 2
Evan Rachel Wood in Frozen 2
| Credit: Disney

One of the most notable characters with a bigger role in the sequel is Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood), Elsa and Anna’s mother, who we briefly saw in the first film. This time around, viewers will be treated to more of her background story and how it fits in with Elsa and Anna in the present. Alfred Molina also joins the cast to voice their father, King Agnarr.

In an exclusive interview for PEOPLE’s special edition, Frozen: Inside the Magic of Disney’s Frozen 2, Wood describes her character as “brave, nurturing and funny.”

“You realize their mother has a story, one with great power and mystery,” Wood told PEOPLE. “And she may have been leaving clues along the way, such as the lullaby, so if anything happened, they could figure out where they came from and fill in some blanks.”

Lt. Destin Mathias

Frozen 2
Anna (far left) and Elsa with General Mattias in Frozen 2.
| Credit: Disney

Another new character who will be encountering Elsa and Anna on their journey is Lt. Destin Mathias (Sterling K. Brown), a lieutenant who is described to have been trapped in the forest with his soldiers for 30 years, but has always been loyal to Arendelle.

Brown teases how his character is connected to Elsa and Anna’s past.

“He helps to illuminate where they came from,” he told PEOPLE. “He is a bridge to who they were and the amazing young women they are today.”



Not all the creatures of the forest are scary! This tiny salamander is one of the newest (and cutest) additions. He takes a liking to Elsa, whose snowflakes he enjoys.

The Northuldra tribe

Frozen 2
Credit: Disney

Honeymaren (Rachel Matthews), her brother Ryder (Jason Ritter) and their leader Yelana (Martha Plimpton) are members of a tribe who all want “peace and freedom” that the Elsa, Anna, and the rest of the gang encounters in the Enchanted Forest.

Frozen 2 is now in theaters.