Frank Albanese, who played Tony's "Uncle Pat" on The Sopranos reportedly died of prostate cancer
Credit: Bobby Bank/WireImage

Frank Albanese, the actor who played Tony Soprano’s uncle Patrizio Blundetto on The Sopranos, died on Monday at the age of 84.

The boxer turned-actor died in Staten Island, New York, after battling metastatic prostate cancer, a friend of Albanese told The New York Times.

A local mortuary confirmed the death to Deadline, which reports that Albanese died while in hospice care.

Although the actor was best known for his role on the highly acclaimed HBO series, he also appeared in gangster movies like Martin Scorsese’s 1990 film Goodfellas as well as Dead Presidents in 1995, among several screen credits.

Albanese appeared in four episodes of The Sopranos as Tony’s Uncle Pat, a retired gangster who owned a farm (where a number of bodies were buried).

He began acting after a brain injury ended his career as a successful heavyweight prizefighter – he won 14 bouts by knockout, the Times reports.

Albanese was born on May 16, 1931, on Staten Island and is survived by a sister, according to the paper.