June 26, 2018 11:09 AM

Looks like it got a little loose on the Footloose set.

Former actress Elizabeth Gorcey, who played Wendy Jo in the hit 1984 movie, revealed in a recent interview that one of the actresses on the film lost their virginity during filming.

“I can’t give names, but somebody lost their virginity on set. Not myself! But one of the other actresses,” Gorcey told Fox News.

Gorcey was one of five actresses on the main cast, with Lori Singer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dianne Wiest and Frances Lee McCain rounding out the list.

Jim Youngs, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Gorcey, Lori Singer, John Laughlin, Christopher Penn and Kevin Bacon
Everett Collection

Gorcey said the cast was shunned by the town they filmed in for being too wild — just like Kevin Bacon’s character in the movie.

“We were not welcomed in Utah by any means because we were a group of Hollywood people who smoked and drank coffee,” she said. “And they didn’t do that. It was not a welcoming place. Normally when I did a film, the locals were very excited that you were even there and invite you for tea or something. This was not the case. They would actually close the doors instead of opening anything for us.”

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