This is not your typical book club.

In the upcoming comedy Book Club, a group of longtime friends spice up their literary meetings with a reading of Fifty Shades of Grey — and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look!

“The book becomes a catalyst that turns everybody’s life upside down,” says Mary Steenburgen, who stars alongside Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Jane Fonda in the film. “We all start really talking about men, sex and our relationships to our bodies.”

In the exclusive photo, the women are seen standing around a kitchen table laughing.

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Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon/Paramount Pictures

“Something just connected between the four of us,” Steenburgen says of their onscreen turned real-life friendship. “It was really fun to be in a situation where we had so much in common so many things to talk about.”

“I adore each one of them,” she adds. “We’ve become true friends.”

And while Steenburgen admits she hasn’t sat down to read Fifty Shades of Grey cover to cover, she says she wouldn’t be surprised if Fonda picked up the book on her own.

“Jane is literally the most curious human being I know,” she says. “She’s curious about everything and everyone. She has a youthful energy to her.”

Book Club hits theaters May 18.