'Fifty Shades' Burning Question: How Much Does That Playroom 'Cost' ?

"It can get pretty expensive," Allena Gabosch, a BDSM educator with 25 years' experience, tells PEOPLE

Photo: Rex USA

While others were ogling Jamie Dornan‘s abs in Fifty Shades of Grey, did you find yourself eyeing that big red bondage bed instead and wondering, “Does Restoration Hardware make one of those?”

Not exactly. The cost of a playroom – particularly one as lavish as Mr. Christian Grey’s so-called “Red Room of Pain” – can add up pretty quickly. We asked two experts in the BDSM community to break it down for us.

“It can get pretty expensive,” Allena Gabosch, a 62-year-old BDSM educator with 25 years’ personal experience in the community, tells PEOPLE. “Something like a St. Andrew’s Cross [a restraining device] can run $500.”

As for that bed? “To have the bondage bed in the film custom-made, it probably would have cost a few thousand dollars at least, if not more,” says Will Fredericks, 50, a dominant based out of Seattle.

And since most BDSM players aren’t billionaires like Christian Grey, they resort to building their own equipment instead – or visiting communal playspaces.

“They’re set up for people in the BDSM community,” explains Gabosch. “It’s partly so that people who can’t afford to create their own playspace have a place that’s set up already.”

However, both Gabosch and Fredericks emphasize that spending a lot of money on a playroom isn’t necessary, as long as you’re creative.

“You can convert almost anything in your house to play on,” says Gabosch. “A lot of it isn’t about the toys so much as the mental creativity … Blindfolds and something to tie your wrists up is all you really need.”

Fredericks agrees: “You can just go to a hardware store and buy a bunch of zip ties. You don’t have to be a billionaire to do it.”

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