The Fifty Shades Darker trailer debuted on Tuesday

Where is the love?

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are headed back to the big screen next February, and right now we only have a scintillating Fifty Shades Darker trailer to prepare us for their reunion.

While some are eating up the BDSM romance, others aren’t quite in for the dominant and submissive-based pairing. Namely, my 76-year-old grandma, Donna.

Donna and my grandfather Pat are quite the movie buffs, so naturally they were planted in the theater for Fifty Shades of Grey last year.

Now, after a quick screening of the new trailer, Donna was more than happy to offer up a review.

“We saw the other one, and I thought it was very provocative,” she says. “I think this is very provocative. But I see so much anger in their faces, I don’t see real love in their faces. I really don’t. When they look at each other it’s almost like just sex.”

She continues, “I don’t see the love that you feel when you see somebody you really love. It’s in the eyes. I just see they want to strip each other of their clothes and just have sex. But I’m old.”

In Fifty Shades Darker, the second outing in the book trilogy, Christian (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) try to navigate ways to make their unusual relationship work.

The trailer spotlights the book’s masquerade ball, an intimate shower scene, and the arrival of Christian’s ex Leila, played by Bella Heathcote. Other new cast additions include Kim Basinger as Elena Lincoln, Eric Johnson as Jack Hyde and Hugh Dancy as Dr. John Flynn.

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Donna isn’t quite sure how the book’s main romance will survive another installment, though.

“Well, I don’t think he loves her,” she explains. “I saw the first one and I don’t think he loves her, he just wanted to use her. I think maybe, in the second one, he will fall in love with her. But right now, looking at it, I just think to him that she was a sex object and a good one. He just wanted to use her. And I think she was just enjoying the exploitation.”

So why would Anastasia return to an unhappy romance?

“I really think that she really, really loved him,” Donna says. “She really fell in love with him. I think she was disappointed in his demeanor and how he was using her. She enjoyed the sex part but she wanted more. I think that’s why she’s going back to him, because she thinks there’s gonna be more.”

That said, Donna will “absolutely” still be checking out Fifty Shades Darker.

“We enjoyed the first movie but we were disturbed by it,” she says. “I was disturbed by the fact that he used her and she let him. I hope she gets love this time.”

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters on Feb. 10, 2017.