February 10, 2017 04:32 PM


Even those left wide-eyed by Fifty Shades world of red rooms and panty-free elevator rides can point out a sex toy when they see one.

PEOPLE Now visited New York City’s famed Grand Central Terminal to ask travelers if they could determine whether an item was a sex toy or merely a kitchen utensil.

And the participants didn’t seem to be stumped by the black riding crop (which, yes, is definitely a sex toy).

“This is a sex toy. I know because it’s made of leather,” said one man confidently.

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Added another, “There’s no dish that you cook that has a leather handle. Like you can’t mix brownies with this.”

Participants almost unanimously agreed that it was intended for “spanking.”

” ‘Ow, mmm,’ I guess is the idea,” remarked one woman.

Toys like the crop are featured prominently in Fifty Shades Darker, in theaters now.

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