Fergie is setting the record straight on her interaction with Quentin Tarantino on the set of Planet Terror

By Ale Russian
February 09, 2018 10:25 AM

Fergie is setting the record straight on her interaction with Quentin Tarantino on the set of Planet Terror.

The singer starred in the 2006 movie, part of the double feature Grindhouse which Tarantino co-directed with Robert Rodriguez. In recently resurfaced behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot on the zombie movie, Fergie alleges that Tarantino bit her during the making of it.

Now the singer wants to clarify that the incident isn’t similar to Tarantino’s on set behavior during the making of Kill Bill, where he spat on his star Uma Thurman. (The director has since said that Thurman was on board and aware that he was going to have to spit on her face during one scene.)

“That was a long time ago, first of all,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “First off, I just wanna say I stand with victims everywhere, no matter what genre, race, gender, age. I stand with victims, period, and I don’t want to take away from anyone’s story. That just wasn’t my story. We were just kind of having banter like I did with the Black Eyed Peas on tour, and we were having a little bit of fun.”

Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty

In the 2006 footage, Fergie is doing an interview for the bonus features on the DVD when she describes a scene in which Tarantino is running beside her.“As I was filming the scene where the zombies attack me, Quentin really got into it. I think he had a lot of fun with that,” Fergie says. She adds that the director was getting very into the role and they had to reshoot a couple times.

“So I’m doing the scene and he starts biting me,” Fergie continues in a separate interview, with footage showing the singer telling Tarantino to “get off” as she’s laughing. Later in the clip, she shows the camera the bite wound on her arm and says, “Quentin f—ing bit me. And by the end of this shoot, I will bite him back.”

The footage comes after Tarantino faced backlash for his comments in 2003 on the Howard Stern Show in which he alleges that Roman Polanski’s 13-year-old rape victim “wanted it.” The director has since issued an apology to Samantha Geimer for the resurfaced audio and clarified his comments.