The trio of powerhouse actresses star as fed-up moms who ambush their adult sons in Otherhood

By Ale Russian
July 10, 2019 09:00 AM

The moms are back in town — and they won’t be ignored.

Angela Bassett, Felicity Huffman and Patricia Arquette star in Otherhood, a Netflix comedy about three moms who decide to ambush their adult sons in New York City when they forget Mother’s Day. In PEOPLE’s exclusive debut of the trailer, get a first look at all the trouble the three get up to.

“At this stage it doesn’t feel like motherhood, it feels like otherhood,” Arquette, as Gillian, says at the beginning of the trailer.

“That is the best description I’ve ever heard,” Huffman’s character Helen responds.

So the moms head to New York City in Gillian’s station wagon, and Helen keeps them in line.

“We’re not on vacation, we are on a mission. We are going to reconnect with our sons,” she says. “They can deal with having us in their homes for a few days, they were in ours for 18 years.”

The movie marks the first time the trio worked together, and Arquette broke down how much she enjoyed working with her costars for PEOPLE’s latest issue, on stands Friday.

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

“I had always wanted to work with Angela. Angela is a force of nature. She can do absolutely anything as an actor. But I am not sure I have met a kinder and more generous actor. She is very strong and also incredibly sweet,” Arquette says.

“Felicity was so fast and agile. I was really amazed how fast she broke down the material and the certain way that she worked through questions she had so they had the specificity that she needed,” she said of her other costar. “Her timing was great to watch. She was very sweet and funny and I felt like we all had very strong chemistry. It was fun to work with them both.”

Cowriter and first-time director Cindy Chupack, who formerly executive produced Sex and the City, agreed, adding that having such talented actresses for her directorial debut was like “learning to drive on a Porsche.”

“They all really enjoyed working in an ensemble of women,” she said. “They’re all such powerhouses, they’re often the lead in a cast full of men. It was nice to have them play in a female ensemble and they had such chemistry together.”

The movie is hitting Netflix and select theaters in August after the streamer decided to push the movie’s original April 26 release due to Huffman’s involvement in the college admissions scandal. Huffman was charged with conspiracy to commit honest service fraud just a month and a half before the film’s release. She has since pleaded guilty to the charge.

Chupack tells PEOPLE that, looking back, she agrees with the move.

“I think it was the right decision to wait because there was just too much distraction with everything going on in the news and we needed to see how that was playing out,” she tells PEOPLE.

Otherhood arrives on Netflix and in select theaters on August 2.