Model Claims Steven Seagal Sexually Assaulted Her During Audition When She Was 17

Dutch model Faviola Dadis has spoken out again against Steven Seagal, claiming the action star sexually assaulted her doing a late-night audition when she was 17  

Dutch model Faviola Dadis is further detailing her claims against action star Steven Seagal, who she says sexually assaulted her during a late-night audition when she was 17.

At a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday, Dadis shared more on the alleged encounter, saying that after arriving at Seagal’s hotel room for the audition in 2002, the actor told her to walk around in a bikini for him — which he told her to wear ahead of time.

Dadis claimed Seagal then told her he wanted to test their chemistry and proceeded to grab her nipples and grope her genitals, after which she ended the audition.

“Steven sat there calmly as if nothing had happened while I was noticeably upset and terrified by the experience,” she said. “I left feeling horrified and totally violated.”

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Seagal’s attorney Anthony Falangetti said later Monday that her account was”completely fictitious and totally made up.”

Falangetti further denied all accusations against Seagal in another statement on Wednesday.

“Mr. Seagal denies all accusations and continues to stand his ground that he has not engaged in any such misconduct. The allegations that have been made against Mr. Seagal are false and have no substantive material support,” the statement read. “The accounts of both women are completely fictitious and totally made up. The allegations are a disservice to women who are victimized because of real predators in the film industry.”

Dadis’ attorney, Lisa Bloom, said they did not have any immediate plans to bring a lawsuit against the actor.

Dadis first accused the actor of sexually assaulting her in Nov. 2017, after being inspired to come forward by Portia de Rossi, who had previously shared her own accusations against Seagal.

In a lengthy social media post Dadis wrote that she hadn’t initially seen anything unusual about Seagal’s request that she wear a bikini to the audition “as this is quite standard in the modeling industry.”

She also said that prior to the audition, “there was a production assistant or casting director present along with Steven” whenever she interacted with him.

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Continuing to describe the alleged sexual misconduct, Dadis wrote that after she walked around for him in her bikini, “he approached me and said he wanted to act out a romantic scene.”

“I was hesitant and expressed this, then he started fondling my breasts and grabbing my crotch. I quickly yelled ‘This audition is over!’ and tried to run out of the room but was blocked by his security. I started making a noticeable amount of noise, and his security realized I would alert someone, and let me leave,” she added.

Dadis went on to share that she didn’t initially speak up about the incident because she was afraid it would damage her career.

Seagal has previously been accused of harassment and other misconduct by actresses Rossi, Julianna Margulies, Jenny McCarthy, and Inside Edition correspondent Lisa Guerrero. Regina Simmons, an extra who appeared in Seagal’s 1994 film On Deadly Ground, has also accused him of rape.

A spokesman for Seagal previously denied McCarthy’s claims that he asked her to strip naked during an audition for the movie Under Siege 2 to The Daily Beast.

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Dadis previously told TheWrap that she had filed a report about Seagal with the Los Angeles Police Department in December of last year. According to the AP, Los Angeles prosecutors said on Monday that Dadis’ case is being reviewed.

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