Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan Unveil First Hilarious Trailer for 'Father of the Bride' Remake: WATCH

"It was very easy to have chemistry with her, and we felt very comfortable with one another," Andy Garcia tells PEOPLE of his relationship with longtime friend Gloria Estefan

Father of the Bride is back with laughter, crying and a lot of love!

PEOPLE has a first peek at the hilarious first trailer — and got the chance to talk with longtime friends Andy Garcia, 66, and Gloria Estefan, 64, about starring together in the new remake of the 1950 timeless classic.

This is the latest remake in the franchise, which first began with Spencer Tracey and Elizabeth Taylor's 1950 film of the same name.

Steve Martin and Diane Keaton later starred in the 1991 version. Both movies, including Garcia and Estefan's latest iteration, focus on the father of a bride-to-be coming to terms with his daughter's impending nuptials.

"We all know Gloria's talents and as a recording artist and as a composer and as a writer," Garcia tells PEOPLE of collaborating with his good friend. "She's an extraordinary woman, but I knew her talents as an actress, and she obviously has been dipping her feet in the acting world for quite some time."

"I was just looking forward to spending the time with her and bringing our own personal relationship to the forefront, and it was very easy to have obviously chemistry with her and we felt very comfortable with one another," he adds.

The two worked together prior as co-stars in HBO's For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story. However, this is the first film the pair play leading roles together as a married couple.

Given their close bond, Estefan tells PEOPLE, "The thing I fretted about the most was that I had to kiss Andy because he is my friend and his wife is my friend."

(L-R) ANDY GARCIA as Billy and GLORIA ESTEFAN as Ingrid in Warner Bros. Pictures' and HBO Max’s "FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”  Photo by Claudette Barius
Claudette Barius

"I've never kissed another man in the last 46 years or 47 of my life," she explains. "But you know it wasn't me kissing him. It was Ingrid, his wife in the movie, and it all felt very natural, and it was great."

The modern rom-com sees Cuban American couple Billy (Garcia) and Ingrid (Estefan) try to navigate the situation to accept the new reality after their daughter Sophie (Adria Arjona) breaks the news about her engagement to a Mexican man named Adan, played by Diego Boneta.

As a traditional Cuban man, Billy experiences difficulty dealing with change and accepting modern times, but he must learn to let go of the past to embrace his future.

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"Fathers play a big role in their daughter's life. It's a special bond that only they share," Billy says at the beginning of the trailer. "Even when she's all grown up, she is still daddy's little girl."

When asked about what his own daughters think about his role in the movie, Garcia says, "They were excited."

"They love the movie. My youngest daughter Alesandra said, 'Daddy, you're nothing like that guy.' I said, 'Okay, thank you.'" he says. "It's like anything else, any cultural traditions that people grow up with, there are certain lines that you draw in the sand that you're not willing to cross… and Billy in the movie has to learn to straddle that line — that's part of the humor, and that's part of his growth in the film."

The film is also the first remake of the classic involving two different cultures — Cuban and Mexican.

(L-R) GLORIA ESTEFAN as Ingrid, ANDY GARCIA as Billy, DIEGO BONETA as Adan and ADRIA ARJONA as Sophie in Warner Bros. Pictures' and HBO Max’s "FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”  Photo by Claudette Barius
Claudette Barius

Estefan, who is a Cuban-American herself, says, "There are a lot of similarities in the food and the love of music, the love of family, those things we share as Latin culture."

Garcia's character in the film, she adds, is so "obsessive about the fact that his daughter's leaving."

"Because if it were up to Cubans, our kids would never leave home," Estefan explains. "We'd be happy to have them living with us and the extended family and whatnot."

Estefan notes she drew inspiration for her character, who she described as "a strong woman," from her family members.

Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan on Working Together for Father of the Bride —Warner Bros. Pictures

"I have a good, solid background in both my grandmother and my mother," she tells PEOPLE. "She gives up a lot to raise her kids."

The movie also features another familiar face, Chloe Fineman from Saturday Night Live, as the wedding planner.

As for his advice to the actual fathers of the bride out there dealing with the circumstances similar to his character in the movie, Garcia suggests, "Breathe deep and whiskey."

Directed by Gaz Alazraki with a screenplay from Matt Lopez, the movie adaption of the novel written by Edward Streeter, Father of the Bride, premieres June 16 on HBO Max.

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