May 15, 2015 10:15 PM

Sure, Pitch Perfect 2 has a German YouTube star, an epic pillow fight and even an appearance by the Green Bay Packers, but it also has something unexpectedly sweet: the romance between a cappella adversaries Fat Amy and Bumper.

Rebel Wilson has said that she and Adam DeVine have “always had this strange chemistry,” and Pitch Perfect 2 producer Max Handelman agrees.

“Their chemistry was very natural and organic,” Handelman told PEOPLE. “It was always the thought that we should put Adam and Rebel together because we’ve seen them be so good together a number of times.”

While we didn’t see much of a chance for the duo to get together in Pitch Perfect, the new sequel seems to pave the way for a possible lasting romance.

“One of the first things [director] Elizabeth [Banks] said she wanted to do in the second film was to give Rebel a love story, because I think it’s something you don’t see very often for characters like that,” says Handelman, who is married to Banks. “We were pretty confident it was going to work well because Adam and Rebel are both fantastic and funny actors, and they have worked together a number of times.”

Pitch Perfect 2 is in theaters Friday.

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