'Fantastic Beasts' Star Fiona Glascott Reveals What It Is Like to Wave a Wand from 'Harry Potter'

The rising Irish actress was a mega fan of the magical franchise even before she got cast in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

is best known for her role as Professor Minerva McGonagall in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, but she has long been a fan of the famous franchise.

With a busy year ahead, Glascott, 36, spoke to PEOPLE about all things Harry Potter and also gave a little insight into her world.

Aside from her roles in the critically-acclaimed film Brooklyn (opposite Saoirse Ronan) and BBC2/Showtime series Episodes (as Matt LeBlanc‘s ex-wife), Glascott has also dabbled in theater across the pond, where she currently resides with her husband and daughter.

Before you start seeing her all over the big screen, here are six things to know about the rising Irish actress.

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1. She’s starring in two upcoming films in 2019

2019 will be a big year for Glascott, as she is slated to star in two major films.

In SUPERVIZED, the actress will be featured alongside Tom Berenger and Beau Bridges to take on the gloriously villainous role of Alicia. The story will follow four elderly superheroes living in a retirement home in Ireland that come together for one last mission.

Also set to premiere this year is The Martini Shot, which Glascott will star in alongside John Cleese and Matthew Modine. In the existential drama, which follows a film director beginning a project at his final leg of life, Glascott will play the role of Mary.

While Glascott said it was “amazing to work with these legends” on both projects, she revealed that one particular film was likely to captivate audiences.

“I have to say The Martini Shot is a film I haven’t seen before,” the actress said. “It’s something I think will really resonate with people because its quite an existential piece but it’s a comedy and it’s about humans and told in a very interesting way… it was a real joy to work on.”

Fiona Glascott and husband Tom Brooke. Jeff Spicer/Getty

2. She has a background in theater — thanks to her mom and dad

Growing up, Glascott’s parents were both involved in hometown amateur groups — her mother, in the dramatic group, while her father participated in a musical group. At the time, the young actress often found herself in the excitement of being backstage or making tea and biscuit for the theatergoers.

“It really gave me the bug very early,” she said of her parents’ influence. “By 11 or 12, I was pretty convinced I wanted to be an actress. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it for a small town in Ireland, but at least I thought I know what I wanted to do.”

Pretty soon, Glascott found her way into the musical society (don’t be fooled: “I’m not really a great singer,” she said) and nabbed her first solo-less role in West Side Story.

“I wedged myself in there and convinced them to give me the job and I loved it,” she explained of her beginnings in theater.

3. She’s a Harry Potter junkie!

Not only did Glascott star in the spinoff of the Harry Potter series, but she’s also an avid fan of the original books and movies — which made her decision to sign onto Fantastic Beasts quite an easy one.

“I absolutely jumped at the chance. I was a huge fan and anything to do with magic I adore,” she revealed. “So when the call came in to meet [filmmaker] David Yates I was thrilled. And then when the call came that they’d like [me] to do it, I was over the moon.”

While on set, Glascott — who played a younger version of Maggie Smith‘s character in the film — even got to use the exact wand that Smith had used in the Harry Potter films, calling the moment “extraordinary.”

“It was so exciting. It didn’t feel like work, but this was so much fun,” she said of being on set. “Everyone there was huge fans of the Harry Potter books. It was a really fun place to be running around with a wand.”

Maggie Smith (left) and Fiona Glascott. Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros/Everett Collection; Fox Searchlight Pictures

4. She would love to work with Edie Falco and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

In her career, she’s worked with many actors, but there’s still two people she’s dying to collaborate with.

“I would love to work with Edie Falco. I think she is absolutely extraordinary,” she revealed. “I loved The Sopranos, but Nurse Jackie for me… I’ve watched it twice, all the way through, and I constantly talk about it — I know it finished a few years ago but I think she’s incredible.”

“And Julia Louis-Dreyfus, I think is the funniest woman alive and that would be incredible,” she added. “I would adore being opposite either of these ladies — or both! — at the same time.”

Edie Falco. Mike Coppola/WireImage
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5. She’s married to someone in the entertainment business

Glascott’s husband is fellow actor Tom Brooke, who is best known for his role as Bill Wiggins in the BBC One’s Sherlock and most recently, is starring in the network’s new drama Bodyguard.

Of being married to another person in the business, Glascott said the dynamic helps their relationship — especially when there’s always someone there to run lines with!

“It’s actually an enormous help,” she said of the practical marriage perks. “I imagine if somebody who wasn’t in the business was married to you and you were constantly asking them to run lines, I think eventually they would be like, ‘You know what? I have my own job going on.’ But with an actor it’s great… you’re very much at an even-keel there.”

“It works out very well for us, we really understand the job and the fact that sometimes we have to be away from each other,” she added of her husband of four years.

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6. The couple shares a world-traveling toddler!

Since getting married in 2014, the pair has welcomed a daughter, Ruby, who is now 3-years-old. But for Glascott, who went back to work just six weeks after giving birth, raising her daughter in the midst of her career has proven to show its benefits.

“You do have times when you’re off that you can be together,” she said of her and Brooke’s busy schedules. “We get a lot of time with our child that other people don’t get to have because they have to go to work.”

Although the family is separated at times — Glascott usually takes Ruby with her to filming destinations for work, which she said can be “very hard” on Brooke — they’ve generally been able to travel together.

“We’ve been really lucky with it,” Glascott explained. “It’s a juggle with two actors — of course, as it is with anybody who has children — but we’ve been able to juggle it well. I think because we are so used to having to juggle things and things come up that are unexpected on a daily basis for us.”

“I hope she likes this,” she added of Ruby’s expanding travel log. “She’s fine at the moment, and she’s gotten to meet a lot of people from all over the world. But I hope she likes in 20 years time when she tells me what she really thinks!”

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