"Don't let anyone make you feel unworthy. No one knows your journey but you," Evan Rachel Wood tweeted about her bisexuality

Credit: Peter Hapak

Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual, and she wants others struggling with their sexual identity to know that ‘it’s okay’ – she did too.

In a series of tweets, the actress, 28, said she’s “battled” with herself because she never felt “gay or straight enough.” She added that she believed she’d never find happiness.

“I had to go through the same panic and shame and depression a lot of people in the LGBT community go through,” she wrote. “But when I came out a new found shame took over. Bi-shame. Feeling like people are judging you all over again but for different reasons. A weight was lifted but not completely.”

The True Blood star said she feels like bisexual people are “constantly” challenged to prove their worth within the LGBTQ community.

“Point being, its ok. We do exist,” she said. “Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy. No one knows your journey but you. #BisexualAwareness.”

Wood, whose upcoming movie Into the Forest premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, shared excerpts from a special Human Rights Campaign report in anticipation of the start of Bisexual Awareness Week on Sept. 20. The report outlined the various health issues bisexual people face.

“Bisexual people are the largest single group within the LGBT community, yet we are hardly recognized,” tweeted Wood.

After a Twitter user questioned the actress’s sexual identity, Wood addresses common misconceptions about bisexuality.

“Actually I am divorced with a son and no matter who I am with I am #stillbisexual,” she wrote to the fan, referencing her ex-husband, actor Jamie Bell, and 2-year-old son.

Wood added that her response to the fan was not meant to be “mean spirited” and went on to explain how what she dubs “#biphobia” impacted her personal journey.

“I can assure you that whatever “‘straight privilege’ I sometimes get accused of having, gets erased by #biphobia,” Wood Tweeted, “Remember, bisexuality doesn’t mean halfway between gay or straight. It is its own identity.”

Wood has previously said that she discovered her bisexuality after ending her high-profile romance with Marilyn Manson and moving to New York City.

“I think in some cases people don’t want to be labeled because they are ashamed to be bisexual. And this needs to stop,” she tweeted, Thursday.

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Wood told The Edit earlier this summer that she didn’t realize how “crippling” it was to ignore her identity until she decided to explore what she had previously hid deep inside.

“I finally opened that door and went, ‘Wow!’ ” she said.

Bisexual Awareness Week is Sept. 20 – 26.