Evan Rachel Wood fired off several tweets questioning the way studios campaign for Oscars

By Ale Russian
October 24, 2019 03:49 PM

Evan Rachel Wood is airing her grievances about awards season.

The actress, 32, who is currently part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences voting body, tweeted several thoughts about the upcoming prestigious awards show and how it’s run. She started out by sarcastically pointing out how the nominees often tend to be a list of the same actors and actresses.

“Is anybody else excited to watch the same 12 people get nominated for oscars this year?” Wood tweeted on Wednesday alongside a smiling emoji.

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After one of her followers replied saying they were pulling for Cynthia Erivo in Harriet, an actress who has yet to pick up an Oscar nomination, Wood tweeted her approval and joked that she might not get a chance to vote anymore.

“Well this would be refreshing wouldn’t it. I mean.. I am in the Academy now. Although after that last tweet they may kick me out. Haha,” she wrote.

The Westworld actress then clarified her initial tweet, saying that she takes issue with the campaigning side of the awards show more than the actual Academy.

“This is not to throw shade at the Academy or the films. BUT if we got BIG MONEY out of campaigning, (just like elections) then maybe it would be fair? Just a thought,” she tweeted.

“Also, not blaming it all on the Academy. The industry will only cast Actors that get the movies ‘Financed’ and it becomes a very small pool very quickly,” she wrote in another.

“Same with female directors. They arent getting nominated because no one is financing their films,” Wood continued.

She also followed up those tweets with a joke about her chances of even getting a nomination now.

“Also lets just go ahead and assume I am never getting nominated now,” Wood added alongside a number of emojis, including the shrugging girl and the zipped lips face.

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The actress later took issue with some media outlets on Thursday morning who characterized her tweets as a “rant” against the Academy.

“I guess no one actually listened to what I said,” she tweeted alongside the rolling-eye emoji.

She also retweeted a follower who was on her side.

“That’s not how I interpreted it. More like pulling back the curtains and shedding some transparency on the process,” the tweet read.