May 10, 2017 10:42 AM

Well, it wasn’t a snake.

Eva Longoria put her fate in the hands of The Late Late Show‘s producers on Tuesday night, cozying up to a series of objects while blindfolded for a game of “Nuzzle Whaaa?”

Playing with host James Corden and her fellow guests — director Paul Feig and Veep‘s Sam Richardson — Longoria repeatedly expressed her concern that she’d be forced to get cheek to cheek with a serpent.

Terence Patrick/CBS

And, after surviving one round nuzzling a disco ball, Longoria just barely faced her fears: She snuggled a lizard.

“Is it an animal? Is it an animal?” Longoria asked, after blindly feeling the reptile’s scaly skin. “Is it a possum?”

The Late Late Show

Growing increasingly concerned, Longoria lamented, “What is it? Oh God, oh God.”

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Finally, Corden guessed the animal’s identity, putting an end to Longoria’s hilarious facial reactions.

Corden then turned to his showrunners, saying, “Are you f—— insane?”

Though he correctly guessed his cuddle buddy, Corden noted, “It’s a hollow victory,” while Feig and Richardson were in hysterics.

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