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May 03, 2017 01:09 PM

Emma Watson cares about her fans’ education.

Last week, a mother was standing in line at a New York City shop while FaceTiming with her daughter when she noticed the Harry Potter actress standing behind her. Naturally, she asked Watson to say hi to her teenage daughter — and Watson gave the girl some authentic Hermoine-inspired advice.

Therese Kiara took to Facebook so share her special encounter with Watson.

“I was just studying for my Bio exam when my Mom called to show Emma Watson standing behind her, then she approached and politely asked Emma if she can say hi to me on the cam. She was so kind and sweet,” she wrote.

So what did Watson say?

“Hi! Study hard!”

Needless to say, that was all the motivation Kiara needed!

“OH GOOD LORD, I CAN NOT BREATHE. Perfect motivation to study,” she concluded her post.

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This isn’t the first time Watson has looked out for her fans’ academic pursuits. The actress is known for hiding books around various city’s public transportation systems for lucky commuters to find.

And it’s far from a random act: Watson’s book sharing stems from a collaboration between her female-focused book club, called Our Shared Shelf, and Books on the Underground, a community project that encourages people to hide their favorite books for others to discover.

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