Are 'Mum' and 'Witch' Roles Far Behind? Emily Blunt Opens Up About Aging in Hollywood – and 'It's All Right'

Emily Blunt raves about married life with John Krasinski and jokes she's ready to play a witch once she hits 40

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Emily Blunt has played everything from a snobbish fashion assistant to a Special Forces warrior, but the actress joked that when she hits 40, she’ll accept her Hollywood fate – and play a witch.

Describing how her friend and costar Meryl Streep was offered three witch roles the year she turned 40, the 32-year-old British actress told the Sunday Times‘ Style magazine, “I’ve got another eight years of hopefully being relatively attractive before I have to be a witch.” She has accepted one fate, however: “I’ll end up playing a mum soon – it’s all right.”

For now, Blunt is busy promoting her new action film Sicario, in which she plays a tough-talking FBI agent taking on Mexico’s drug cartels. In between being a mom to her and husband John Krasinksi‘s 18-month-old daughter, Hazel, of course.

On her daily routine, Hollywood mom Blunt was refreshingly honest.

“There was a music class involved. Not for me, for my daughter,” she said. After a “lunchtime battle” over vegetables, Blunt said, “then it was time to finally have a shower at about 12 o’clock.”

After marrying Krasinksi, 35, in 2010 (at George Clooney‘s Lake Como residence), the British actress and her husband quickly became everyone’s favorite party guests. The duo attended both Jennifer Aniston‘s secret wedding as well as Clooney’s three-day wedding celebration in Italy. “Oh well, we only hang out with the ‘big’ people,” she joked.

As for her own nuptials, the actressm, who celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary over the summer, gushed about married life.

“It’s wonderful. Truly,” she said, citing her husband and daughter as the main reasons she elected to become an American citizen back in August. She said her main marriage tips would be to practice “ultimate empathy, ultimate trust, ultimate kindness.”

With filming starting shortly on The Girl on the Train, based on Paula Hawkins’ best-selling book (it has sold 3 million copies in the U.S. alone), Blunt is thankful for not having to watch her carb intake and hit the gym. “Obviously, if I’m doing a part where I need to be in really good shape, I can’t eat this,” she said of sandwiches. “But I’m about to play an alcoholic, so we’re good.”

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Blunt also said her new dual citizenship is “mainly for tax reasons,” and added, “I didn’t want to renounce my Queen.”

She quipped, “You have to learn all about the constitution. You can’t be a habitual drunk, you can’t be on a guerrilla squad and you can’t be a prostitute, which is a shame.”

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