Elliot Page Shows Off His 6-Pack in Shirtless Mirror Selfie: 'My New Phone Works'

Elliot Page came out as transgender in March, updating his pronouns to "he/they," and he's since graced Instagram with several thirst traps filled with trans joy

Elliot Page is showing off his hard work during the holidays.

The Academy Award nominee, 34, flaunted his six-pack in a shirtless mirror selfie he posted Sunday to Instagram following the food-filled Thanksgiving festivities. "Oh good my new phone works," Page captioned the post.

He was met with some appropriate thirst in the comments section. "Brooooo," wrote Tommy Dorfman. "New phone??" Awkwafina commented. Rain Phoenix responded with a series of fire emojis.

Page previously revealed the outcome of his top surgery in a poolside photo he posted in May, beaming as he wore his first men's swimsuit. "Trans bb's first swim trunks," Page captioned the photo, using the hashtags "#transjoy" and "#transisbeautiful."

The Umbrella Academy star has been open about his gender transition and his top surgery (subcutaneous mastectomy), a surgical procedure that, for trans men, removes breast tissue, alleviating gender dysphoria.

In a March interview with Time, he revealed that he was recovering after undergoing top surgery in December when he came out as transgender, reintroducing himself as Elliot and updating his gender pronouns to "he/they."

He told Oprah Winfrey in April why he decided to open up about the procedure. "I wanted to talk about it for a couple of reasons," Page said on Apple TV+'s The Oprah Conversation. "I wanted to share with people just how much it has changed my life."

"I want people to know that not only has it been life changing for me, I do believe it is life saving and it's the case for so many people," he continued. "Because there is such an attack on trans health care right now, when already there is such a lack of access or trans people who don't even want to go to the doctor."

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Page has since been praised for using his massive platform (including 7.5 million followers across Twitter and Instagram) to represent trans joy and bring awareness to the community. He was presented with this year's Outfest Annual Achievement Award at the Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival in August.

"It gives me great honor to be the recipient of this year's Outfest Annual Achievement Award and represent the LGBTQ+ community," Page said in a statement to PEOPLE. "Now more than ever, it is so important for our voices to be amplified and represented in film and media, and for people to hear our stories."

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