Eliza Dushku's mother Judith Dushku appeared to write on Facebook that she wishes she had been brave enough to stand up to her daughters's alleged abuser

By Dave Quinn
January 13, 2018 04:59 PM

A woman claiming to be Eliza Dushku‘s mother said on Facebook that she wished she had been brave enough to stand up to her daughters’s alleged abuser.

In an emotional Facebook post on Saturday, Eliza alleged that stunt coordinator Joel Kramer sexually molested her during the filming of 1994’s True Lies when she was just 12 years old — an incident that she claims she told her a handful of people about including her mother, but that no one, including herself, “seemed ready to confront [the] taboo subject” at the time. (Kramer did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment, nor did reps for Duskhu.)

The post caused a groundswell of fans to reach out in support of the 37-year-old Bring It On star. But among the praises for her bravery was one woman who condemned Eliza’s parents for not protecting her.

It was your parent’s responsibility to do something,” the woman wrote. “I’m sure they were too afraid that it would affect your career. They allowed you to go back to work knowing your life was in his hands. And even after the incident they said nothing. He could had killed you!”

“Your parents had power,” the woman added, explaining that she too had been abused as a child and that her mother had fought back. “Your parents could have told the director, could had called the police and yet they stood silent. Probably allowing this to happen to other children after you. There is no excuse for him; but shame on your parents too!”

Eliza and Judith Dushku in 2003
| Credit: Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Reading those words, an account appearing to belong to Eliza’s mother Judith Dushku responded.

“I accept your condemnation as Eliza’s mother,” she wrote. “No, it was not her career that I feared for, as that meant nothing to me. I was afraid of Joel Kramer, too. And it was years later that I finally understood fully what really happened.”

“At the time, Eliza was too scared to tell the whole story and in a way I think she protected me from knowing because she knew how frightened I was of the powerful men on the set,” she continued. “Her lose was the worst, but abuse can throw a wide net. I only began to understand this many years later.”

She concluded: “Thank you to your mother for what she did for you. I wish I had been that brave.”

Judith did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Eliza Dushku
| Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Eliza was starring in the James Cameron-directed film alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis when she met Kramer — who has worked on many of Schwarzenegger’s films including Twins, Total Recall, Kindergarten Cop, Last Action Hero, Eraser, and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

He was put in charge of her safety on the film, rigging her on wires and harnesses for the action movie’s then-groundbreaking stunts.

But while he was supposed to be Dushku’s protector, she claimed he turned into her abuser — allegedly coaxing her into his Miami hotel room under the guise of a swim trip at the stunt crew’s pool one night only to allegedly strip naked and lay on top of her, rubbing himself all over her until he climaxed.

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On the taxi ride home, he allegedly grew aroused again when he put Dushku on his lap in the backseat, she claimed.

In a statement to Variety, Kramer denied Dushku’s claims, calling them “absolutely not true.”

For 25 years, Eliza said she carried the pain of what happened to her. It was only the recent onslaught of Hollywood actresses began out about their alleged experiences with sexual misconduct that she felt brave enough to confront her own dark past.