July 17, 2018 10:19 AM

Eli Roth and his wife Lorenza Izzo announced their separation with joint Instagram posts on Tuesday.

The director — best known for the Hostel series — and actress shared the statement in both English and Spanish, letting fans know they were ending their marriage after tying the knot in November 2014. Roth, 46, and Izzo, 28, married on the beach in her home country of Chile.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

“It is with deep love and respect that we are choosing to separate as a couple,” the statement begins. “We’ve had an incredible journey together, we love each other very much, and will remain the best of friends. We are grateful for the six wonderful years together but have decided to go our own separate ways to have the most fulfilled, joyous lives we can.”

In a humorous note, they also added that they “wish to continue working together creatively and are ultimately separating so we don’t f—ing kill each other.”

The two have collaborated on projects like The Green Inferno, Knock, Knock and Hemlock Grove. Roth has turned to producing and directing in recent years while Izzo turned from modeling to acting in horror films.

This was the first marriage for the pair.

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