'Gold' 's Edgar Ramirez Recalls Hilarious On Set Moment with Matthew McConaughey: He Jumped on Me in 'White, Horrible Underwear'

Edgar Ramirez recalls the hilarious moment a half naked Matthew McConaughey jumped on him while filming Gold

Edgar Ramirez may consider Matthew McConaughey his “brother” after filming Gold together — but there is such a thing as too close.

The Venezuelan actor, 39, opened up to PEOPLE Now about his “Golden Moment,” recalling an unforgettable scene where a practically naked McConuaghey had to jump on him.

“He jumps on me almost naked weighing probably three times more than he normally weighs and I have to hug him in his white, horrible underwear,” explained Ramirez. “I’ll never forget it.”

McConaughey abandoned his normally rock solid beach bod and classic good looks to play struggling businessman Kenny Wells in the film, gaining nearly 47 pounds and shaving the top of his head for the role.

The Oscar-winner told PEOPLE he was comfortable with the weight by the end of the film — but knew it was going to be a struggle getting back into shape.

“I was comfortable,” he said at the New York premiere. “I knew it was gonna be a long road back but that’s part of the great fun of what I get to do as an actor.”

And while Ramirez might be a bit scarred by his on-set memory, McConaughey and his fellow costars have much sweeter memories for their Golden Moments in life — the births of their children.

“I remember clearly the births of my three children,” McConaughey said, adding that proposing to his wife Camila Alves was a close second.

Bryce Dallas Howard also recalled the birth of her first child but was quick to admit that it “didn’t feel golden at the time.”

“The first thing that popped into my head, which is probably not a surprise but didn’t feel golden at the time, is probably my first child being born,” the actress says. “It’s surreal. Giving birth is sort of like this supernatural act.”

Gold hits theaters Jan. 27.

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