Eddie Murphy and Jasmin L. Reate appeared together in the 1986 film

By Rachel DeSantis
September 09, 2019 10:20 AM

It looks like the long-awaited Coming to America sequel isn’t Eddie Murphy‘s only reunion this year.

The actor met up with the grown-up former child star of his 1986 hit The Golden Child at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, more than three decades after the film hit screens.

Murphy, 58, posed for a photo with Jasmin L. Reate, who played the title role in The Golden Child as a kid. It remains her one and only film role.

“He was just as kind as I remembered him when I was 6,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Reate, 39, was on hand at the festival as THR’s executive director of events.

The Golden Child starred Murphy as Chandler Jarrell, a social worker dubbed “The Chosen One” who is tasked with saving Reate’s mystical (and kidnapped) “Golden Child,” who is considered the savior of humankind.

Credit: Paramount/Kobal/Shutterstock; Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

Murphy, meanwhile, was in town at TIFF to promote his new Netflix film, Dolemite Is My Name.

The biopic stars Murphy as real-life comedian Rudy Ray Moore, who used the character Dolemite to become a Blaxploitation icon in the ‘70s.

Dolemite received rave reviews following its TIFF premiere, with many critics praising Murphy’s performance as a return to form for the actor, who has released just two films in the last seven years.

Eddie Murphy in Dolemite Is My Name
| Credit: Francois Duhamel/Netflix

As part of his continued return to the spotlight, Murphy is also set to host Saturday Night Live’s Christmas episode, his first time leading the show in 35 years.

He’s also plotting a stand-up comedy tour for 2020 and will star in the highly anticipated sequel to Coming to America.

“I was on the couch for maybe five, six years, and now it’s time to get off the couch,” he told PEOPLE. “I was on the couch because I was rested, I mean I was tired. I’d been making movies and doing this stuff for so long I just needed time to be on the couch. Now, I’m off and [Dolemite] kind of lit a spark because it turned out so well and it got the creative juices flowing.”