The Griswolds are back, and they're once again heading cross-country

Credit: Hopper Stone/Warner Bros.

Yes, the Griswolds are back, and they’re once again heading cross-country.

In this first promo image of the new National Lampoon’s Vacation movie, simply titled Vacation, you see Ed Helms, 41, as Rusty Griswold, alongside Christina Applegate, 43, who plays his wife, Debbie, as well as series mainstays Chevy Chase, 71, and Beverly D’Angelo, 63.

While Chase and D’Angelo have appeared in every theatrical Vacation movie since the first one in 1983, for this latest sequel, they’re playing the grandparents. This time, it’s Rusty who’s leading his family on a presumably ill-fated drive to amusement park Wally World, the same destination that Chase took the family to in the first film.

Audrey Griswold, Rusty’s sister, will be played by Leslie Mann. The cast also includes Skyler Gisondo and Steele Stebbins as Rusty and Debbie’s sons, as well as Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Day.

Though Chase and D’Angelo have played Clark and Ellen Griswold consistently throughout the series, the roles of Rusty and Audrey have been recast in every film. Helms is the fifth Rusty, following turns by Anthony Michael Hall, Jason Lively, Johnny Galecki and Ethan Embry. Audrey has previously been played by Dana Barron, Dana Hill, Juliette Lewis and Marisol Nichols.

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