Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Meets Fan with Cancer During Emotional Easter Sunday Run-In

"Let's always take a moment to count our blessings," the actor posted on social media

Photo: ImagineChina/FameFlynet

It’s not unusual for The Rock to get chased down by screaming admirers. But on Easter, Dwayne Johnson‘s fan encounter was even more special than normal.

The Furious 7 actor, 42, shared a touching story on his social media pages after crossing paths with his “biggest fan” after a gym session Sunday.

“Cool story to share on Easter … after my workout I’m drivin’ in my pick up and notice these kids in the rearview mirror screamin’ & runnin’ after my truck. Thought to myself, ‘Should I stop or keep drivin’?’ I stopped,” Johnson began in the caption beside a photo of him and the young man, Nick Miller.

But what the wrestling star-turned-actor learned about Miller brought tears to his eyes, he shared. Miller, a Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient, told Johnson he was the inspiration behind his cancer fight.

“He was a little teary eyed and said for months and months all he’s wanted to do was find me and say this face to face. I told him what it meant to me to hear this story,” Johnson wrote in the post. “As I’m drivin’ I start shaking my head (and tearing up) at how fragile life is and how amazing and cool the universe was to make this meeting happen between myself and this special kid Nick Miller.”

Johnson continued: “Let’s always take a moment to count our blessings … cause there’s always something to be grateful for.”

The Hercules actor is a firm believer in counting one’s blessings. Johnson’s mother and cousin were in a car accident involving a drunk driver in August, after which the actor reminded his followers to be grateful for those around them.

“You realize the most important thing is my family lived thru this and we can hug each other that much tighter these days,” he posted. “Hug your own family tighter today and be grateful you can tell them you love them.”

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