Disney has released video of one of Moana's biggest numbers, "You're Welcome," featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Moana rode the waves of critical acclaim to a $81.1 million five-day box office total this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. But for those who didn’t get a chance to see the animated Polynesian adventure, Disney has released video of one of the musical’s biggest numbers: “You’re Welcome.”

The tune — written by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda — is reminiscent of the Pulitzer Prize winner’s history-making musical. In addition to its catchy melody, there’s also a quick-rhymed rap breakdown halfway through the number that will have fans hanging on every word.

And yes, that’s really Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson singing on the track. PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive voices Maui, the demigod who, according to the song, is pretty much responsible for everything on earth — from the tides to the sunshine the days itself.

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Credit: Disney

Johnson grew up singing, so the notes weren’t that much a stretch for the former wrestler.

“Generally in Polynesian culture, we’re raised on singing and playing guitar or ukulele and dancing and singing,” he told PEOPLE. “Some of the coolest things I think about Polynesian men is that they are so massive and so big but yet they have the most beautiful falsetto voices and it’s extremely off-putting when you see them at first. It’s not what you expect.”

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While Moana may be the first time Johnson has sung on film, the 44-year-old often sings one sweet song for his 11-month-old baby girl, Jasmine.

“It’s a special lullaby,” he told PEOPLE of the Polynesian song.

“When my daughter Simone, who is now 15 years old, was 8 [or] 9 months old too, I would sing it to her,” he added. “She would laugh, she would smile, she would coo, she would cry.”

When his daughters aren’t around, Johnson’s singing doesn’t stop.

“I sing everything and anything that comes to mind [in the shower] — but to be clear, songs I know that I can kill,” he told PEOPLE. “That’s what I sing. I don’t try material out in the shower. I’m like, ah, Sam Cooke, got it, got it. ‘You-ooh-ooh-ooh send me.’ ”

Moana is in theaters now.