Peter Maivia was a professional wrestler who died in 1982 before being inducted posthumously into the WWE Hall of Fame by his grandson, Dwayne Johnson

By Jen Juneau
April 08, 2019 09:56 AM
Credit: Dwayne Johnson/Instagram; Inset: George Pimentel/Getty

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is paying respects to his late grandparents in the sweetest way.

The actor, 46, shared a photograph to Instagram late Sunday evening of the gravestone bearing the names High Chief Peter Fanene Leifi Maivia and Ofelia Fuataga Maivia, who died in 1982 and 2008, respectively.

Beginning with the words “ALOFA FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS,” the grave was adorned with a glass of amber-colored liquid and a colorful lei. The bottom of the stone read, “Beloved husband & wife, parents & grandparents / The ukulele has ended, but your melody lingers on / For life is not forever, love is.”

“Double shot of tequila 🥃 for him. Beautiful lei 🌺 for her. So good to spend some alone time with my grandma and grandpa today here in Hawaii,” Johnson captioned the image. “Life is so wildly hectic and unpredictable. But it’s amazing how slowing down to sit and talk with the spirits of your loved ones can recalibrate your soul.”

“Much needed. Heart is full. Love you both and I’ll keep my promise 🥃🌺,” he concluded.

Peter Maivia (R) fights Bob Backlund in 1979
| Credit: Richard Lee/New York Post Archives/NYP Holdings, Inc./Getty

Maivia was a Samoan-American professional wrestler who died of cancer in 1982 before being inducted posthumously into the WWE Hall of Fame by his grandson.

Almost a year after the release of the Disney animated smash Moana, Johnson revealed that his character Maui was partly inspired by his late grandfather.

“High Chief Peter Maivia. A proud High Chief of Samoa. Widely considered the toughest man in the history of wrestling. In a fight he once bit another man’s eye out. A savage when pushed. And yet the most loving, caring & kind hearted man I have ever known. He died 31 years ago today. I miss you Grandpa. (and I hope IMYP?),” Johnson captioned a 2013 photo set of Maivia.

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Opening up to PEOPLE in November 2016 during an interview following his Sexiest Man Alive honor, Johnson said his grandmother “was actually homeless and she was living with another family for over a year.”

“The family would call us and write letters, ‘Please you have to get your grandmother, you have to get your mom,’ but we couldn’t afford to,” he recalled.

The star planned to get drafted into the NFL after graduating college that year. Unfortunately, he only made it into the Canadian Football League, and was cut after just two months. But luckily for him, his next plan — wrestling, which he returned to after first starting in it as a little boy — was his golden ticket.

“When I look at that, I keep that as a great reminder,” he told PEOPLE of the ambitions list he made, which included a goal to get his grandma out of homelessness. “And not only that, but we talked about failures: I did graduate, didn’t make it into the NFL, fixed my grandmother’s situation.”