Dwayne Johnson Surprises High School Grad with an Acorns 'Special Investment'

Dwayne Johnson surprised a high school graduate with an Acorns investment account

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson. Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage

Dwayne Johnson is giving back to a recent high school grad.

The actor, 48, surprised a Florida student with an investment of $7 in her very own Acorns account after she wrote him a letter asking him to speak at her high school graduation before the COVID-19 shutdown.

"You guys may remember a young woman, a high school student, who graduated earlier this year from Pompano Beach High School in Florida. Her name is Lorraine Angelakos," Johnson said in a video he shared on Instagram. "Lorraine, if you remember or if you don’t, she wrote me this beautiful, inspiring letter asking me to speak to her high school for her high school graduation before COVID hit."

"In the letter that she wrote me that was so inspiring and incredible, so elegantly and beautifully articulated, she stapled seven bucks to the letter," Johnson said. "This was a down payment because she knows what seven bucks means to me in my life."


The actor previously said he began his Hollywood career with just $7 in his pocket and has since then used the amount as an emblem of what is possible.

"Lorraine, I told you that I was going to do something special with that seven bucks," Johnson said. "And what I’ve done with that seven bucks — I kept my promise — I know you’re starting college this month and I want you to know that I’ve taken that seven bucks and opened an Acorns account in your name starting with seven bucks because its what I started with, so you’re starting it with it too."

He added, "Every week, for the rest of your four-year college education, acorns will be depositing seven bucks into your account."

The father of three included a special message to Angelakos, saying, "Lorraine, I want to say continue being the hardest worker in the room, I am incredibly proud of you for all your accomplishments and I'm also incredibly proud of all your fellow high school students who graduated this year under these circumstances."

"Your generation of leaders will have the answers to the questions that my generation are having a little trouble answering," he said. "Congratulations, Lorraine! Get out there, you and your fellow high school students kick a—, the world is waiting for you and all done with the spirit of seven bucks."

Johnson's contribution to Angelakos' Acorns account comes after he and his business partner Dany Garcia teamed up with Acorns in a new program that encourages families to begin investing early for their children's future.

For every Acorns Early account parents make when they sign up, they'll receive an extra $7 invested.

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