Drew Barrymore penned an essay for fans amid the coronavirus pandemic on her new blog

By Alexia Fernandez
April 15, 2020 07:34 PM
Mike Pont/Getty

Drew Barrymore has a message of love for her fans.

The actress, 45, shared a poem on her new blog, titled “She loves me???,” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“What if one day, you had been married for many years, and your wife comes home and tells you she is unhappy,” Barrymore wrote. “That is had been a long time since she was happy. She is thinking about leaving…”

“You don’t go back to business as usual,” she continued. “Your whole life just changed. You are shaken to the core. This news haunts you everywhere you go. You are uncertain. This has completely invalidated your reality. There were signs of unhappiness, but it was easier to make nice and get through the day. Now things will never be the same. It’s out there and can never be put back in the bottle.”

“You walk through the days contemplating your options… do you fight for her? Restore your partnership? Is it too late?” Barrymore wrote. “Were you ever really that happy? Has she made it all about her and you are forced to ask yourself if you actually could live without her after all? Maybe you were not as happy as you thought you were? Maybe life without would be better?”

Barrymore added, “Wait. No! You can fix this. You can romance her. Put in the work. You can cultivate the garden of your love. Maybe you took her for granted? Don’t take the easy way out! Make every day count! This love is not dead and EKG is needed to bring it back to life, maybe even stronger than it is. Your history is the strength you need and not a weight holding anyone back from the energy you need to save this. This is worth fighting for! It won’t be easy but what is…”

“Run to her! Run like the end of a movie when you realize you can’t live without her! A montage plays, as you run to her, playing out images of the past when you were happy,” Barrymore wrote. “Now you run even fast, and as you finally get to her, you promise things will never be the same! That you are here. You hear her! And you tell her that from now on things will be different.”

“Your wife’s name is Mother Earth. And she is worth it! You will live out your days knowing you have to work at it,” Barrymore continued. “She is not a sure thing. But if you take care of her, she will love you back. And you can live realistically Ever After.”

The mother of two opened up about the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on her and her daughters, Frankie, 6 this month, and Olive, 7, when she called into the Today show on Tuesday.

“School started, and it all went out the window,” Barrymore, 45, said of her “inventive” ideas for her daughters’ day-to-day, like using chalk to make hopscotch drawings and taking bike rides. “The minute I thought, ‘Oh, I’m three weeks in, I’ve got this,’ I cried every day, all day long.”

“It was the messiest plate I’ve ever held in my life, to be the teacher, the parent, the disciplinarian, the caretaker. And I thought, ‘Oh my God, and teachers have children [of their own]. Do they survive it because they get to go away and work with other kids? Have they had their children in their classroom? How did this all work?’ ” she added.

“I didn’t think I needed to respect and appreciate teachers any more than I did,” Barrymore said.

The Santa Clarita Diet actress has started getting “some systems” in place for her girls, but admits that seeing “people on social media making lists” sometimes grinds her gears.

“[But] you find your way,” she addes. “We’re resilient.”