"I like picking up stuff with my feet a lot," Drew Barrymore says of her special talent

Drew Barrymore is a woman of many skills.

Because being a fan-favorite actress, producer, and beauty company owner isn’t enough, Berrymore, 42, went on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new show The World’s Best. And when Colbert asked what she was best at, Barrymore revealed her useful talent.

“I like picking up stuff with my feet a lot. Like, when you gotta get it done, the foot is an extra hand,” she says as Colbert throws a few cough drops on the ground in front of her.

Barrymore then hilarious takes off her heels while Colbert strips off his shoes and socks, and the two take turns picking up the hard candy.


“Especially when you have kids,” Barrymore explains. “You know, you’ve got a kid in one hand and a phone in the other, there’s no way you’re not gonna go and grab that Ricola [with your foot].”

But Barrymore is quick to clarify that she doesn’t use her special skill all the time: “They’re just when I need an extra hand.”

The actress is a judge on the new talent competition show along with country singer Faith Hill and Drag Race host RuPaul. The Late Late Show‘s James Corden makes the leap to primetime as host. She told Colbert that she understands why contestants would get nervous before their turn to show off their talent.

“I think that it’s like in any Olympic sport, or that moment where you’ve worked so hard up until this moment, and this is a shot for you. Those kinds of stakes — I can’t imagine the type of nerves they bring on,” she says.