Drew Barrymore answered NSFW questions from Ross Matthews on her talk show

By Ale Russian
February 11, 2021 10:59 AM
Drew Barrymore
Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Drew Barrymore is letting it all out!

The actress played a round of dirty questions with guest Ross Matthews on a recent episode of her talk show The Drew Barrymore Show, where she let the audience in on some private details about her life.

After first revealing that she loves skinny dipping, the Charlie's Angels actress then answered whether she likes the lights on or off while being intimate.

"I'm very weird about lighting, I like natural light from the day or very soft lights," Barrymore, 45, said. "I'm very lighting sensitive all the time."

Matthews then asked a more raunchy question when he wondered if she's ever "totally got it on in a car?"

"Ross!" Barrymore gasped in surprise and covered her face before answering, "Who hasn't?"

Back in September, Barrymore teased these kind of moments on her new talk show, which has seen a number of A-List guests come through and get real with the star.

Barrymore told PEOPLE she was most excited "to be in a job where I don't have to play a character. I just get to be myself."

"But I still have to prove myself. And I love that. If we come at this as students, I think that's kind of the right tone for me, because I tend to also shy away from soapboxes or know-it-alls," she said. "I know everything is a work in progress, for me at least."