Drew Barrymore Confirms Her Grandfather's Corpse Was Stolen for Final Party – and She Wants the Same

Drew Barrymore's late grandfather John Barrymore had his corpse taken from the morgue by a few of his pals for one last hurrah

drew barrymore, john barrymore
Drew Barrymore and John Barrymore. Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty; FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty

Partying from beyond the grave!

Drew Barrymore has confirmed that her late grandfather John Barrymore fit one final party into his social schedule after his 1942 death thanks to some of his friends.

While making a virtual appearance on the hit YouTube series Hot Ones, The Drew Barrymore Show host, 45, set the record straight about the longstanding rumor.

“Is it true that your grandfather’s body was stolen from the morgue by WC Fields, Errol Flynn and Sadakichi Hartmann so that they could prop him up against a poker table and throw one last party with the guy?” asked host Sean Evans in this week's episode.

“Not only yes, but there have been cinematic interpretations of that,” the actress replied. “A Blake Edwards film called S.O.B that’s just brilliant and fun to watch.”

However, even Barrymore isn’t sure if the tale also inspired Weekend At Bernie’s. “I’ve heard things,” she said. “But I can’t know ever if that’s even true.”

When her time comes, Barrymore also wants her friends to give her one last night on the town.

“I will say this, I hope my friends do the same for me,” she said. “That is the kind of spirit I can get behind. Just prop the old bag up, let’s have a few last rounds.”

“I think death comes with so much morose sadness and I understand that, but if it’s okay, just for me, if everybody could be really happy and celebratory and have a party, that would be my preference,” she added.

In less than one month, Barrymore will be celebrating the release of her new daytime talk show, which is set to premiere September 14.

“I’m really looking forward to this digital world we are about to bring you into,” Barrymore said in a recent press release. ”I have been on this show journey for a year. We started in 2019, it is now 2020, a very different year."

Keeping in tone with Barrymore's positive point of view, the talk show will be full of optimism and inspiration. In the meantime, a few other series have been airing online, including “The Art of the Interview,” where the actress gets advice from other famous hosts, including Gayle King.

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