November 04, 2015 11:00 AM

When Toni Collette needs an escape from her cancer diagnosis in Miss You Already, Drew Barrymore is literally along for the ride.

The actresses play lifelong best friends each dealing with her own personal crisis in Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke’s latest drama. Collette’s character, party girl Milly, is battling breast cancer, while Barrymore’s good-girl counterpart Jess is struggling to get pregnant.

In this clip exclusive to PEOPLE, Milly gulps down a bottle of wine while telling Jess that she’s sick of people commenting on her health.

“If another person looks at me with sad eyes and goes, ‘Oh, you look so well Milly,’ I am going to projectile-vomit!” she says.

Drew Barrymore in Miss You Already

Milly then tries to convince a visibly concerned Jess to join her on an impromptu road trip to an unknown destination 250 miles away. When Jess declines, Milly reminds her that it’s her birthday.

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According to the actresses, playing BFFs on-screen sparked a real friendship between them. “We got lucky; we had an electric connection,” Barrymore, 40, recently told PEOPLE. “I would sooner be able to fake a romantic relationship on-screen, I could never fake friendship. Because you don’t have the same kind of doe eyes and things you can pull.”

“It’s just an immediate knowledge of each other,” Collette, 42, said, adding, “You just get each other or you don’t, and we lucked out. We get each other and we love each other.”

Miss You Already hits theaters Nov. 6.

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