Downton Abbey arrives in theaters Sept. 20

By Ale Russian
September 11, 2019 12:50 PM

Seems like fans eager to envelop themselves in the world of the Crawleys won’t be disappointed by the Downton Abbey movie.

The highly anticipated big screen event doesn’t open until Sept. 20, but the London premiere meant critics were able to reveal their opinions. And the verdict? Fans of the show are in for a treat!

“Being reintroduced to the residents of Downton Abbey is like running into old neighbors who moved out years ago — their faces look familiar, and you remember their annoying habits, but their names can be elusive,” Slate‘s June Thomas wrote.

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Entertainment Weekly‘s Leah Greenblatt put it in simple terms: “Life is hard; Downton Abbey is easy.”

“Nearly four years after ending its six-season run, the show already feels like a relic of some kinder, gentler era of television; a warm PBS crumpet in a cold-donut world. The screen may be bigger, but the decorous upstairs-downstairs melodrama still revels in small moments: the candy-apple red of a mail truck; the rolling green of a manor lawn; the waft of lavender in the air as various soapy subplots work themselves into a gentle, easily resolvable lather,” her review continued.

Downton Abbey movie
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The movie takes place 15 years after the story first started and follows as the Abbey prepares for the royal family to visit.

In her review,The Hollywood Reporter‘s Leslie Felperin teased that the film hints at more adventures to come for the beloved characters.

“Don’t be surprised if there are more films to come, especially since this satisfyingly dense deep dive into Downton-land is clearly getting the infrastructure ready to keep the story going. Sure, a few of the series’ regulars probably won’t come back, but without spoiling anything we can reveal that the last scenes are all about the old passing on the house keys of power to a younger generation,” she wrote.

Downton Abbey arrives in theaters Sept. 20.